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YRDSGN will soon offer custom printed fabrics for sale


Sometimes the most obvious answer escapes you. 

YRDSGN is proud to announce fabrics for sale! The same prints and patterns that you have loved on our bags, pillows and other goods, will now be available to purchase in a variety of colors! 

The way I see it, you know what you want to use these fabrics for, better than I do, so why shouldn't I give it to you?

The fabric range will consist of 2 lines: fun colorful prints will be available to be digitally printed for you, on demand, in a variety of base fabrics. The second line will be a bespoke in-house, hand-printed with metallic ink on linen. 

Look for fabric to be available starting February 1st, 2017. More information to come about pricing, base cloths, etc.